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Ins Gästebuch eintragen 18.01.2017 17:10
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I’m ok with these. I think Banks will be perfect and Malcomson was fantastic on Deadwood. I kinda hated Rambin on Grey’s Anatomy, but she’ll probably be good for this role.Melissa´s last post ..
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Bernard, tu fais bien de nous préciser tout ça.J’ai encore rempli les mangeoires hier mais je commençais à me poser la question.Je n’avais pas, comme Fred, remarqué le sexe de l’écureuil (C’est toi, Bernard, qui lui a demandé de poser nu ?) mais par contre j’ai remarqué ses griffes. Elles sont drôlement longues, non ?
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... Michelle Obama is a textbook case of AA. Admitted to Princeton, she floundered in material way over her head. (Read her senior thesis sometime, it's a hoot)---------You what I think is a hoot? It took Sarah Palin 5 years and 5 schools to get a journalism degree. You know what else? John McCain graduated 5th from the bottom in the Navy Academy. May I tell you something else? White woman are the main beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, not black people.
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- yep those are pretty epic. amazing year my friend and i can’t wait to see what you create in 2013. from me and the family we wish you and your girls a merry christmas!!
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What incredible photos! We just can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. We never would have made it to see Coney Island otherwise. You obviously love New York, it shows in everything you do. What a wonderful host, my daughter is still talking about it! 25.12.2016 02:16
Hei på dæi!Å sånne helger e bare så godt! Deilig å kunne tilbringe tid sammen med gode venninner på hyttetur Må bare si at kjøkkenet ditt ser jo helt strålanes ut! Et drømmekjøkken!Ha en fin kveld
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Ja - det var også derfor jeg snuppede de 75 (som delt med 3 = 25) Men der må være noget med at vælge et tal så det passer i den anden ende også..:oS Jeg ved det ikke.. Men havde jeg valgt 78/72 i stedet var jeg endt med en vifte - ligesom dig Nå det var også bare for at høre om du kendte til det Ha' en dejlig dag..KH Anne
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Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.
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Posted by on December 11, 2012 at 3:18 pm I loved this post. Amazing that even people in a position of power with a big office can lack the self-confidence to do a task that she was well-prepared for. I can’t wait to hear how the romance went, either.Amberr Meadows recently posted..
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Peço-vos desculpa pelo meu atrevimento mas, não resisto a uma breve comparação;Esta história, lembra-me a de Messalina, a imperatriz insaciável, esposa do imperador Cláudio César, habitual frequentadora de um lupanário, contada pelo historiador romano, Plínio a qual, decide um dia, por achar ser o prémio digno de uma imperatriz, competir directamente com a mais afamada prostituta de Roma. Após um período contínuo de 24 horas, Messalina triunfou, atingindo o total de 25 coitos...Isto, quando ha competição... o melhor é esperarmos para saber quem será o vencedor.
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Susan Kelly - Wow! You are so beautiful! I have to agree with your mom…your eyes look amazing! And btw…you are not old enough to be a senior!!! I refuse to accept that…. <3 24.12.2016 11:47
Fellan skrev:fy fan vad fult! Då va det kört me eventuellt modellkontrakt o anndra liknane jobb för dig då! sabba din kropp gör dethahaha
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35 minutes of strength, doing the following circuit, which is based off of Mrs. Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up Int/Adv. Week 2 Workout. As promised in my last post, here’s my Strength Workout for this
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Those lights look great but where can I buy one from that has a English site? wonderbikes home page is in Korean (go figure) but I cant read Korean. 23.12.2016 21:04
Hi. I just made this cheese and it’s great but boy it sure makes alot. Do you think it could be frozen? How did you store it once you made it? Any suggestions? I can’t believe how wonderful it is! Thanks so much for the recipe. 23.12.2016 20:46
(Wireless Phone Accessory) A replacement for my original Motorola Razr V3. I guess they don’t make them like they used to. Not the same, quality-wise as my original, but it’ll do. Paint chip off easily, sure wished I had opted for the silver one, not black.
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Hal Turner is a useless putz, hence, his typical bully stance of standing in the middle of the playground screaming at everyone to get away and using his fingers as a fake gun while tears are running down his face. Neocons are the pathetic bullies who think they’re ‘misunderstood’, even though we know exactly WHO THEY ARE: hateful, idiotic, mean, rotten, retarded, violent, white skinned, racists.ündigen-inneründigen-inner 23.12.2016 16:25
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Daniel, I agree with you, if a soldier is captured they should go in and get them. i was puzzled for ages about why the Israelis did not sinmply tear their way through until they found him. 18.12.2016 21:13
Great examples. I'm into birds but not so much owls. Brings back the 70's and memories of an owl sculpture I received as a wedding gift. I used it as a doorstop before finding it another home, lolMarissa 18.12.2016 17:41
This is so disheartening and it’s a huge reason why I hated sports growing up. Makes me wonder if I’ll encourage my kid to do karate instead of team sports. Which sucks because I know there are a lot of positives about learning to work as part of a team. As an aside, my coworker is out of commission because she was headbutted by another soccer player. She has a concussion and contusions on her face. I haven’t heard the full story yet, but really, can that level of injury occur by accident? It’s nuts.
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I am not in the class but LOVE seeing these busy, bright works of art–fantastic! Sidewalk chalk too?! and I love how Kelly signed her artwork “aka a very brave girl”. Terrific. I think I’ll have to join the next class.
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If Moyers were interviewing Olmert or someone representing the Israeli point of view then Kneedler’s criticisms would be apt. But he wasn’t. He was interviewing Goldstone and he has an obligation to ask tough questions. And since Goldstone is being attacked with a specific line of questioning it is this very line of questioning that needs to be posed.
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